Careers in the law field


The law field is very wide. There are numerous career options one can pursue. The following are careers in the law field.

The core legal careers



An advocate is also called a lawyer or counselor. In this career, one advocate for the rights of their client. This is normally done through negotiations with the other parties or the litigation process.


This is more of being an assistant of the advocate. The paralegal takes up certain tasks so that the advocate’s schedule is freed. They are mostly involved in drafting pleadings and also researching under the advocate’s supervision.

Legal Secretary

A legal secretary can also be referred to as an administrative assistant. It is more of a secretarial post. One is responsible for the normal secretarial tasks, drafting correspondence and file maintenance among other things.

Legal support careers

Compliance Specialist

This specialist is responsible for ensuring that the firm is compliant with the necessary laws and policies.

Conflict analyst

This analyst handles a very delicate role in the firm. Main responsibilities include research on conflicts of interest between the persons involved in a case. They are under strict adherence to confidentiality of what they handle.

Court messenger

This involves delivering of documents to courts or the other involved advocates.

Courtroom careers


This job involves the interpretation and application of the law. The judge is responsible for overseeing trials, pretrial conferences and rulings and also appeals. Some of the judge’s posts are elective.


They are responsible for handling the minor cases to help free up the judge’s schedule.

Law clerk

They are assistants of the judges. They manage the case files belonging to the judges, they research and draft correspondence as well.


A mediator is also referred to as an arbitrator. They are responsible for handling alternative dispute resolutions. The mediator helps the disputing parties reach a settlement without going to the courts.

Legal consulting careers

Jury consultant

The jury consultant helps in the selection of sympathetic jurors at a trial and also helps in avoiding the unsympathetic ones. This involves the consultant doing background research as well as interpretation of body language during the voir dire.

Forensic scientists

They help in the collection, preservation, and analysis of physical evidence brought to the courts.

Accident reconstructionist

They must have an engineering or law enforcement background. They examine an accident and try to come up with a reconstruction of the same and how it might have occurred and found out who is to be blamed.

Courthouse careers

Courtroom deputy

This career involves maintaining order in the court. The deputy may also accompany criminal defendants to court and from court.


Such people assist non-English speakers who are involved in the case.

Court clerk

lkasvkasnlvkskadnvklnasldvnlkasndvklnaslkdvnlksandvasdvadsThey act behind the scenes of the court. They help in arranging the paper work involved in a file and help keep track of the papers and processes.

The above are just but few of the many careers in the law field.…